October Makeup Favorites

october faves 2014 thumbHello My Bondbeautys,

So Im a little late with this post, but at the end of each month (or beginning of the next month) I like to post my Monthly makeup/beauty favorites. October was such a fun month for me because of all the Halloween stuff going on! So there are a little random favorites this month because of Halloween.


Like always you can watch the video to see the products , but here on my blog I like to get into more detail about why I like the products etc.


  • Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation- This is one of my favorite foundation in the drugstore because of its full coverage capability’s and its staying power. I have never had a problem with the staying power; I put it on in the morning and its on all day. I also never had a problem with it oxidizing ; which basically means it never changed colors on me throughout the day.
  • Wet N Wild Eye palette : Poster Child- Wet N Wild has some of the best eye shadows out at the drugstore right now! These palettes especially are amazing , this is a newer palette that has only bright, mostly matte, shades. I love the pigmentation , the eye shadows feel soft and smooth. I used this palette for all my Halloween looks this year and really enjoyed it!
  • Kirkland Eyeshadow Palette- This palette is from Cosco and I decided to pull it out last month because I wanted to do a lavender bridal look for on of my blog posts. A lot of you may have already read this post and if not I encourage you to do so. I posted pictures showing you step by step how to achieve the look. This palette really surprised me , the eye shadows felt smooth and almost like velvet.
  • Doll 10: Highlighter- This is a cream Highlighter that is very subtle. Sometime we see pictures where the woman has a glow on her cheek bones , that is all because of a highlighter. Where some highlighters are very glowy and can make you look oily this one is more natural ; which is perfect for everyday use.
  • Kiss Eyelashes 01- Im not one to where eyelashes everyday because its so hard to find natural looking ones. But with that said I have been loving these ones, and you can find them at Walmart or any drugstore.
  • Wet N Wild Color Icon Lip Liner: Cherry Red – This is the lip liner that I used for Halloween and for some of my tutorials as well . It works amazing for only being $1 it stays on all night even when I eat and talk all night.
  • Wet N Wild Lipstick: Cherry Frost $1- This is the lipstick I paired up with the lip liner and like I said before for only $1 it works like magic , very impressive.
  • Wet N Wild Fantasy Lipstick : Black- I Used this lipstick for my Harley Quinn Blog/ Tutorial and I loved it perfect for Halloween.
  • Starlooks Lipgloss: Guilty Pleasures- This lip gloss is a nude lip gloss that I have used all month long. It is not sticky , it is instead very comfortable on the lips and the color pay off is pretty good . I got this in  recent Ipsy bag and have really enjoyed it.

my look  Oct faves

I am wearing some of these October Favorites on today so you can see how they look on! I love favorites because then they give you an idea of some good makeup products that are in stores right now!

Thank you guys for all your support I really do appreciate it!

So what is a makeup product that was your favorite for October? Let me know in the comments!

IMG_2474Don’t Forget Beauty Comes from within so let yours shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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