March Favorites


Hello My bondbeautys,

So happy monday! I hope you guys had a good easter, I know I had so much fun hunting eggs with my little two year old hyrum! So I wanted to share my March Favorite beauty products with you guys today! Every month I do these types of posts because this  is my way of giving you guys a chance to see and hear about products that have worked great for me! Yes these are all drugstore type of products as well , which means they are affordable!



Like most of my posts I like to have a video to go along with it because I know that visuals are alot more entertaining sometimes!

So usually I do these before the new month starts but this time I was a little late because we have started renovating our new home! Im so excited so make sure you stick around to find out all about that!

I also just did a meet my baby post/video so check that out to meet my little sweet Durham!

What is your favorite beauty product of the month?

Dont forget beauty comes from within so let yours shine!

Till next time,

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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