Easy Monster Halloween Nail Tutorial

Photo Oct 22, 7 14 43 PM
Hello My Beautys
I hope You are having a great day! Halloween Is almost here , I know that not all of you are going to dress up in a costume. Here is a easy way to be festive this halloween without needing to dress up. This is a super easy halloween monster nails! Anyone can do this , its not to complicated or flashy!

What you need:

  • Orange Nail polish (Wet N Wild: Sunny side up)
  • Black nail polish (wet N Wild : Black Creme)
  • Bobby Pin (If you don’t have nail art polishes)
  • Orange nail art polish (sinful colors nail art)
  • Black nail art polish (sinful colors nail art $1.99 Walgreens)
  • Top Coat (NYC Top Coat)

Photo Oct 22, 7 13 18 PM

  1. Apply orange & Black nailpolish as a base coat ( I did all my nails orange except for my middle and Ring finger, Its your choice how you want to do it)
  2. Start with the stitches, Make black stitches on all the orange nails using the bobby pin & black nail polish or the black nail art polish Photo Oct 22, 7 18 41 PM
  3. On Your thumb creat a monster, with two eyes and stitches for the mouth using the bobby pin or Nail art polish Photo Oct 22, 8 33 48 PM
  4. Using the orange nail polish & Bobby pin or orange nail art nail polish make a monster on the black nails.. I Just did dots for the eyes & Stitches for the mouth
  5. Photo Oct 22, 8 36 58 PM
  6. Last, top it off with a top coat of your choice!Photo Oct 22, 8 42 55 PM

And there you have it easy , festive monster nails ! Photo Oct 22, 8 40 46 PM

Hopefully you guys like my monster nails, I know there not super detailed but it still fun to have something on your nails for halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday it is so fun& Spooky!

Whats your favorite holiday?

Remember , Beauty Comes From Within..

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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