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Hello my bondbeautys,

So I meant to have this up by Monday but I had really bad food poisoning on sunday and only managed to post this video up without a blog post. Any who… I will have two posts up today because I am uploading another fun video later today…

So today I’m talking about Dollar Tree Hits & Misses. I love seeing what kind of beauty products they have at the Dollar Tree because sometimes they really do have some great stuff. So today I’m going to tell you what I think is worth spending your dollar bill on!


So I products I am talking about are actually currently in your dollar tree so if your interested check out your local dollar tree. ( I am not sponsored I just love the Dollar Tree!)

Hits from the dollar tree


  • LA Colors Lipstick & Lip gloss Duo : Pleasure  – I Love this seriously I love all the shades so pigmented , last a long time & so creamy I did a whole review and swatch post so check it out!
  • ELF Shimmering Facial Whip: Lilac Pedal- I Love these I have all of them , you can add them to your foundation for a glowy finish or use them as blush or highlight and they are gorgeous! I use my elf small stipple brush with it and it works great! Or your fingers will work great too!
  • Sally Hansen Nail polish: These are the same great formula you find at the drugstore so I love these , they are a great buy.
  • LA Color Craze Nail polish: This is another great nail polish brand that is at the Dollar Tree I am definitely going to try more because I loved the formula and longevity!
  • E.L.F. Eyelash curler! This is the best eyelash curler in the drugstore seriously and the fact that you can find it at the dollar tree is awesome!
  • Maybelline Face & Body Highlighters: These are a hit! I am doing a review soon on these there are four shades and they are great to try! The Pink Glow is one of my favorites to use for a blush! Its a blush and highlighter in one!
  • Hand Creams: I found these by the register and they are great for on the go hand cream, they feel soft and very nice! Plus they smell so great!



  • LA Colors All n One Jumbo pencil: Its just to lilac and icy to work on my skin but it would be a nice highlight for fair skin.
  • LA Colors Eyeliner & Eyeshadow pencil: I love the brown even though it can crease on you so for this reason it is a miss , but the color is beautiful!
  • Physicians formula blush: It just looks like a white powder, it is really soft but I don’t what a white looking blush on my cheeks 😀
  • Maybelline color show textured nailpolish vintage leather: It was terrible! It dried chalky on my nail, it scraped right off after it dried and it was nothing close to the color in the jar. It also looked very chunky , didn’t like it at all!

Todays look

I am going to start doing a look of the day if I do not do a tutorial so you can know what products I used for my look! Today I will have two because I am posting two different blog posts! Lucky you!:D

My Look of the Day:

  • LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner
  • LA Colors Lipgloss & Lipstick Duo: Pleasure
  • Hard Candy Natural Eyes Palette (Eyes , keeping it simple)
  • Blush: Milan Rose’D Oro Baked Blush
  • Highlight: ELF shimmering facial whip -Lilac pedal
  • Nails- Elf Nailpolish: copper

So what hits have your found at the Dollar Tree? (it doesn’t have to be beauty


Remember, Beauty Comes from within so let yours shine!

Till Next Time..

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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