DIY: Soap Dispenser

43Hello My Beautys

So First off HAPPY THANKSGIVING I hope you are all planning to eat lots of turkey! So I have another DIY for your guys , its been a while since I have done a craft.

9This is a easy to do soap dispenser. You can use any kind of containers you would like , mason jars, lemonade jars, etc.

I made Two soap dispensers and one for my dish soap.. These turned out really cute and it literally cost me less than 4 bucks.

If you want to see how I did this then check out my video.. or keep reading for directions..

What You need…

  • save
  • Container ( Im Using snapple bottles)
  • Glue gun or E6000
  • Paint or spray paint
  • Soap (I got mine from the $1 Store)

3Step 1: Paint the tops of the bottles (If you choose)

save 2Step 2: If your bottle has annoying wrapper then stick it in hot water & soap for 2 -5 Min

5Step 3: Then you can easily remove the wrapper and If there is still sticky residue then use olive oil..

7Step 4: Make A hole big enough to fit the dispenser through, You can use a knife like I did to create a hole or a drill (the hole will be covered so its ok if it looks jagged)

8Step 5 : Make sure the dispenser lid fits then Glue it down.

4Step 6: Add your soap or dish soap & wahla! 10

You now have an amazing home made , cute soap dispenser! See how easy it was! I hope you enjoyed.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING & TIll Next Time..

So do you have any DIY Suggestions?

Remember, Beauty Comes From Within

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful


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