DIY Crisco Candles


Hey My Beautyful Friends!

So I finally did my DIY Crisco Candles! They are so easy to make , they burn longer than regular candles & they take no time at all! So hopefully you are as excited as I am! So lets just get right to it!




  • Crisco 48 oz ( Whole thing makes 4 Big Candles & 2 Baby Candles)14
  • Glass Container
  • Crayon or eyeshadow (to color your candles )
  • Fragrance Oil
  • Candle Wick (amazon 50wicksfor 9.00)
  • Hot Glue Gun















So lets get straight to Business….

  1. 6Put Some Crisco in a Beaker ( I did four cups at a time which made maybe one candle )
  2. 7Boil water. Heat the Crisco up until it is completely melted. Stir Occasionally. (I used the double boiler method)(If you are using crayons to color the candles you can add them and let them melt with crisco)
  3. 7 (1)When Completely Melted let Cool For 10-15 Min.
  4. Get your Hot glue Gun & Glue Your Candle Wicks to the bottom of your Candle Jars.
  5. Melt Your crayon and add to mixture or add Eyeshadow for some color9
  6. Add fragrance , 5ml or your choice to the mixture.10
  7. 11 Fill up the candles (you can use sticks to keep Wicks straight or you can just tug upwards while you fill the candles)
  8. 12Let Them Dry at room temperature for 5 Hrs or refrigerate for 35 Min (even when completely dry it still will be kinda soft)
  9. 13Last Just Trim Your Wicks To the Desired Length!

And Thats It , You will have some great smelling, cute ,easy to make Crisco Candles!

23Hopefully You enjoyed this easy to make candle recipe! So Whats your favorite Fragrance Oil? I love the Hawaiian Breeze One fromIWalmart! Till Next time!


Remember, Beauty Comes From Within

<3Love , Bondbeautyful


5 thoughts on “DIY Crisco Candles

  1. I made some and they burn for like 10 min and go out :(. I even twisted 2 wicks together to make hopefully make it a stronger flame and it still goes out. Please help!

    1. Oh no!!! It happened to me too, The first time lighting it it does take a sec to get it going make sure that you rub on the wick head to get any crisco or residue that might have gotten on it! If you have already lit it before and there is a black tip try pinching the tip off sometimes thats the problem! I hope this helped! It makes me really excited that you made these! At first when I made them it was hard to light but after the first time it was easier, I do notice that I have to usually trim of the very top If it doesn’t want to light! Are your candles scented? What scents did you pick?

    2. wow that’s weird, try cleaning the wick off sometimes if Crisco gets on the wick it makes it harder to light! or try digging around the wick to make it a little longer , I have ran into the same problem when I cut my wick to small..

  2. I absolutely love these candles ….I have made vanilla,apple pie, spiced pumpkin, and peppermint!!!! They are great gifts for teachers!!!!

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