Bronzer 101

IMG_0143Hello My Friends!

I hope your having a good start to your MONDAY… So schools back in and I thought why not make class fun today.. Lets talk all about bronzer! I have had a lot of you asking me about bronzer , if you can wear it, if your too light to wear it, how to wear  it , what it  is, what contouring is… I will show you how to universally contour ; but I am planning to do a contour 101 video where I show you how to do it according to your face shape.. But for now lets learn all about bronzer …

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  • Bronzer : There are two types , A Shimmer one (Used to add glow) or a Matte one (Used for contouring)
  • Glow Bronzer must be 1-2 Shades darker than your skin tone, usually has a gold shimmer to it
  • Contouring bronzer needs to be 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone & needs to be completely matte
  • What is contour? It is basically corrective makeup designed to reshape your face.. (make your cheeks look slimmer, your forehead smaller your nose smaller etc)
  • Can anyone use bronzer? Yes you just need to pick the right shade at type for you!

I hope this was helpful for you!



Today Im actually wearing the Hard candy Bronzer on my cheeks like a blush, topped off with Milani Baked Blush :  Rose D’ Oro

On My lips I am wearing Neutrogena Jumbo Lip Balm : fresh Papaya

Eyes: Profusion Palette : 2


Thank You for watching & Don’t forget to Like MY FACEBOOK PAGE! So Whats your favorite bronzer? If you don’t use bronzer than tell us which one you want to wear contour bronzer or glow bronzer?

TIll next time

Remember Beauty Comes from within

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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