Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain Review

20130914-162549.jpg Hey Everyone ,

I hope you all are having a great day, Im doing a review for you today!…I recently bought 3 Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stains from Walgreens!

They each cost $2.99 & each can be found at walgreens ( I haven’t seen Jordana products anywhere else)

The shades I got were ….

20130914-162604.jpgHoney Love(great nude)

20130914-162610.jpgCranberry Crush(Perfect fall color)

20130914-162618.jpgCandied Coral(Gorgeous Fun,Bright           Color)


*Fun Fact: Jordana is made by the same company that makes Milani!


These Jumbo Lip Balms Claim To be balm stains, Which remind me of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains…(The only difference revlon balm stains Retail for  $7.99 and Jordana are only $2.99)


First off these balm stains have a very very faint fruity smell to them, nothing strong (Just in case your sensitive to smells..) I don’t mind, they smell delicious to me!

I love how they slide on so smoothly and evenly! Unlike ordinary lip stains , these are hydrating and moisturizing. The formula Is thin so its easy to forget that  you have lipstick on… They do stain your lips for sure, making them all day!


20130914-162630.jpgHeres what they look like when they rub off ( Leaves Color behind hence the staining effect!) So your lips look flushed and gorgeous… I love this because I have dry lips and some lipsticks tend to fall in the cracks , which looks horrible. I had no problem with these they  look smooth and have turned into my go to date night lip color!

They are incredible rich, and pigmented as you can see but if you want a more sheer flush of color you can use your finger to blend and sheer them out before it sets on your lips….


Like I said you can’t beat the lasting power, even after the shines gone you are left with a gorgeous flush of color all night long…


So to sum it up, These are great they last long, they are hydrating, they have great pigmentation, and they only cost $2.99…. Sorry Revlon But Jordana just won my heart!!!!….

So now that you heard what I think…. What do you think?? Have you Tried these yet? If so what colors are a must have??


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