Truffle Therapy Anti Aging Skin Serum Review

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Hello My Bondbeautys,

Today I’m talking about skin care. I am one of those gals that believe less is more, well typically. I usually am very basic when it comes to skin care. Even so , I do believe that to have beautiful makeup look you do have to take care of your skin. The healthier your skin looks the better your makeup looks! So today I’m reviewing the Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Skin Serum.


  • Glass Bottle
  • Thick Plastic Top
  • Pump

Fragrance? Yes Smells like shea butter (pleasant not to strong, fades after applying)

Comes from organic agriculture

Zero% Sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates


  • Restores skin with undetected radiance
  • Fine lines start fading
  • roughness surrendered
  • silky smoothness
  • skin looks firmer and brighter
  • creates healthful ,youthful complexion

I have used this for almost two weeks and I’m going to share with you all the information you will need!

My skin typically has large pores in the cheek area and is very dry. I also have blochy complexion as well. After almost two weeks of using this serum this is how my skin looks( no filters or editing).

bare face afterWhat I have Noticed:

  • Healthy looking skin
  • Radiance/glowy
  • pores minimized
  • makeup goes on over top smoother
  • skin smooth
  • skin looks less rough/textured
  • no reaction with my sensitive skin
  • skin feels firmer
  • skin is not as blochy


  1. wash/cleanse face
  2. apply serum
  3. apply moisturizer
  4. apply makeup as usual

My thoughts:

I have noticed that my skin looks all and all healthier. Usually even with makeup my skin looks cakey and rough in person. I did not change my foundation or any other makeup products when trying this. My skin looked a lot smoother and more natural when using this. It was the first thing I noticed. It also didn’t detract from the longevity of my makeup. I feel like my face makeup even lasted longer when I used this. Like it just the makeup sat on my skin a lot better. Honestly this is a skin care product that is here to stay for me! I am very pleased with it. I am a firm believer that the healthier your bare skin looks the better your makeup over top will look! I also love how it hydrated my skin. I tend to have very dry skin and I felt like this worked wonders for the dryness. Usually by the end of the day my nose and cheeks are dry. The serum really made a difference with that.

These are my honest thoughts. Here are some unfiltered un edited pictures of my face with makeup after using this.

face with makeup on

First picture is without flash.

Second is with flash.

option 2Have you tried this serum? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Want to see my video review? Check it out!

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