Meet My Baby Durham


Hello My Bondbeautys,

Today is the perfect day to do a meet my baby blog post. It has been now 3 months and Durham has grown so big!


Durham was born on January 6 2015 He weight 8 lbs 14 ounces! Yes he was a really big baby, he was actually born on my due date which is pretty cool. His big brother Hyrum was born two weeks early so you can imagine my surprise that I made it full term.

So Durham is three months old now & am so glad that Hyrum is doing so good with him. Hyrum surprised me by absolutely adoring Durham since the very beginning ! I thought for sure he would get jealous but no he loves him to death.


Let me tell you I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect baby! Durham is so quiet and just chill. He will just sit there and look around and watch , no fuss! He also now could be wide awake but when it hits 8 o clock I lay him in his crib and he falls right to sleep all on his own! It is absolutely amazing how wonderful he is. I can see the difference in personality between Hyrum & Durham, Hyrum is so silly and Durham is so layed back.

Im so excited for all of our future adventures with these two boys!

Dont forget beauty comes from within so let yours shine!

Till Next Time

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful


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