30 Week Pregnancy Vlog


Hello my Bondbeautys,

SO I am back with my 30 week pregnancy VLog, I will be doing a new pregnancy Vlog every week so look out for those.

I can’t believe how fast the time is going, I am in my third trimester!! It is so crazy I am getting a bit nervous!

  • Due date? Jan 6, 2015
  • How far along? 30 Weeks , but the doctor said that I am week ahead so it is crazy!
  • Symptoms? Heart burn is a constant! It is terrible ; but Tums are seriously the best ever! It makes it go away in like 2 seconds!My lower back has been just killing me too! My bones are so soft right now, its crazy! Im also so emotional! I am a lot more emotional and moody than my last pregnancy! I have been getting Braxton hicks/ contractions specially since I have been traveling! I went to the florida keys and all the boat rocking and walking just about almost started my labour! Or at least thats how it felt seriously I was worried about the flight home! I am also feeling nauseous which is so weird! My doctor says that I am not eating enough snacks during the day, so I am going to try to always have a snack!
  • Weight gain/measurements?174 Lbs ( I usually gain 40 lbs when I am pregnant)
  • Stretch Marks? No new ones yet! Yay!
  • Sleep?Starting to wake up a lot during the night!
  • Exciting Moment/event? Went to the doctor and he says baby is head down so it is getting more real! Baby is coming soon!
  • Miss anything? I miss not being so tired and my back not hurting!
  • Movement? Yes, baby moves so much it is crazy the baby flips all the time! And now I can see my belly moving from the outside it is so crazy!
  • Food Cravings? Woppers and Fries it is terrible how much fast food I have been craving!
  • Gender? Still not telling! I will tell next week so stay tuned!
  • Labour signs? Braxton hicks/ contractions if I am up all day! Baby Is also head down!
  • Belly Button In or Out? Out
  • Rings on or off? Off I am so swollen now it is terrible!
  • Mood? I am getting so emotional and moody not fun!
  • looking forward to? I am looking forward to the gender reveal party this saturday! I am so excited to finally tell the gender!

Here is my Belly Bump…

belly bump

Its a big different from my 19 week Vlog huh!



Beauty Comes from within, so let it shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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