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Hello my Beautys,

So todays post is a little bit different ! It is a pregnancy Vlog ; for all of you that didn’t know I am pregnant! I am currently 22 weeks but I am catching up on these !

  • How Far along? I am 19 Weeks
  • Weight gain/measurements:
  • Stretch Marks: No new ones!
  • Symptoms: It is getting so hard for me to sit up crunch style! I have to roll over if I want to sit up , I also feel like I can’t lie on my back anymore. I am also so thirsty for water, no soda or juice.
  • Sleep: Its been going good so far!
  • Exercise : walking a lot at night with my son, I would go to the gym but I don’t have a babysitter!
  • Exciting news / event: I learned what the gender was! I went to an independent Ultra sound place and the experience was amazing! The lady was so nice , she gave us pictures on a disk and I got to see babes face! But I am not telling yet ! I want to do a gender reveal for my family before I tell!
  • Miss anything? Miss sleeping on my belly!
  • Cravings? I Have been craving blueberries in everything! So weird I wanted Blueberry Th rolls! I also have been craving Chocolate teddy grams, it is so crazy but so delicious!I also have been craving fruit which is great for my diet! I mostly have been loving oranges with salt on top ooo delicious!
  • Gender? Its a surprise for now!
  • Movement? I haven’t felt a movement yet ..
  • Labour signs? I have not had labour sounds thank goodness !
  • Belly button in or out? Belly button Is in!
  • Wedding ring on or off? On
  • Mood? I am happy most of the time !
  • Looking forward to? To telling my family back in AZ!

So here is a picture of my belly bump…

19 week belly bump

I feel like my belly has definitely popped , what do you think?

Thank you guys for taking time to read about my pregnancy , leave any comments bellow!

Remember, Beauty comes from within, so let yours shine!

<3 Love, Bondbeautyful

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